[Ex-plain] ZiNG etc (SRW) and Z39.50

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Wed Apr 24 00:55:50 CEST 2002

At 23:42 23-04-2002 +0100, Matthew J. Dovey wrote:

>OK already - we need some sample code in the next SRW/SRU presentations ;-)
>(and there was me thinking the ZIG was a technical audience...)

I'm not even going to grace this with the response it deserves for fear of 
kicking up another mail-storm from Matthew *grin*. But I have never yet 
encountered a technical audience that didn't benefit from gentle 
persuasion, silver spoons & all that. It would behoove the SRW geeks well 
to keep that in mind, or they will make *precisely* the same mistake that 
the ZIG did in creating the material around Z39.50. It would be a grand 
mistake to assume that the web-technologies are self-explanatory just 
because they're new and "easy". In fact, my best impression is that the XML 
family of technologies already comes close to matching old OSI for 
complexity (and it far surpasses it for the number of internal 
inconsistencies)... and it's growing rather explosively.

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