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whoops I didn't mean to send that 4 times...

(or perhaps I was just so upset by Sebastian's comments ;-)   )


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> > I had my doubts about SOAP because all we saw was Matthew geeking out in
> > his sweet way with endless slides of monster XML structures... my
> > came when I looked at the Z gateway to Google that a colleague put
> together
> > using an off-the shelf SOAP toolkit. That stuff really works, and it's
> > *simple*.
> Oh thanks!!! - I did (certainly at the December 2000 ZIG) indicate that
> there would be off the shelf SOAP toolkits (.NET Studio, VisualAge for
> etc.) which would hide all this complexity (although at that point all the
> toolkits were in early beta, it is really only in the last six months that
> the toolkits have finally come together - they even manage to be
> interoperability due to a WebService interoperability testbed which
> a few months ago)
> Although it is true that I probably assumed that people would take it as
> read that there were toolkits for handling SOAP, XML and would be
> in the technical details. I do sometimes overestimate the ZIG audience...
> Matthew
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