[Ex-plain] Re: Reference to the DTD in the XML documents

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Apr 18 14:11:21 CEST 2002

> I just had a look at the example XML records on 
> http://explain.z3950.org/samples/index.html and it made me wonder why isn't 
> there a reference to the DTD in the top of the file so that the XML record 
> can be validated?

I validate with:
<!DOCTYPE explain SYSTEM "explain--.dtd" []>

But that's only because I keep the DTD in the same directory as the 
records.  I've not tried validating against the autogenerated schema yet 
because it would mean tracking down free tools to do so for Linux and I've 
no great need to do that when I can validate against the DTD.

In SGML we should have a catalog entry. But we're not doing SGML.

What does everyone else thing?

> Another thing, couldn't you put op an example of a version 1.6 record?

At the moment I'm waiting until the end of the week. At which point I'll 
mail Mike with v1.7 as that's our time line :)
If people want things to go into the pre 2.0 revision, then they should 
discuss it -now-. 


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