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Per Mørkegaard Hansen perhans at indexdata.dk
Mon Apr 8 23:30:29 CEST 2002


Z-Spy is freeware so everybody who is interested can drop me a mail and get 
there own copy.

Alternatively you can add the server to the Z39.50 Target Directory 
(http://www.indexdata.dk/targettest/) and the Explain-- XML record will be 
ready for download next time the list is updated, by clicking the "i"-icon. 
The list is updated at random times every day.

>Lennie asked if I could search for the RLG description.  And as RLG was
>one of the servers which were probed by ZSpy, the record was there.
>The result was that people thought that it would be good to have a way
>to create the base records.  I'm not sure about the licence for the ZSpy
>code, but could at least the part which does the strobing be released, or
>a web interface to it derived such that you plug in the host/port/database
>and it spits out the XML for it?
>(Actually, I think I could write something similar fairly quickly as our
>client does it to self configure in the absence of Explain classic,
>though only for BIB1)
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