[Ex-plain] ZIG presentation

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Sat Apr 6 19:34:40 CEST 2002

> >Bill:   Should we have a Geographic Referrent to describe physically where
> >         the server is?
> >1.  Network topology and physical proximity are often unrelated.  Servers
> >may be physically distant from the physical items which the records in it
> >describe.  This has little practical value.

> True but it could be interesting for some users to know e.g. in what 
> country the server is in.
> Another thing that could be of some interest is the type of organization 
> hosting the server: academic, public library, national library....

Yes.  I think that this is in the scope of the 'history' element in 
databaseInfo? (Both location and type of institution)

Equally it should be evident from the 'author' field?  I know that if I 
were to write a description of a database which I've done for work rather 
than personal, I'd have to say that the author is the Special Collections 
and Archives of the University of Liverpool Library.

It struck me today that langUsage is not the same beasty as all the 
others.   It concerns the language of the records. All of the other fields 
in databaseInfo concern the database as a whole.  This is more 
collection level description information?

I'll send another message with some changes to reflect the ZIG discussion 
when I get back home.


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