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Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Thu Apr 4 13:52:51 CEST 2002

> I dislike 'authentication' being either #PCDATA or user/group/password.
> This is generally bad DTD design. Worse, its an invalid DTD as the DTD
> is ambiguous. Is <authentication></authentication> zero length PCDATA
> or omitted user/group/password? SGML solved the problem by saying the

Hrm, Yes, I forgot about that :/  Thanks for finding it :)

I think the solution is to make it:

(#PCDATA | (user?, group?, password?)+)

ie, you must have either #PCDATA or at least one of user, group or 
password in that order.

> Also, is there a standard public/system identifier for the DTD?

Not at the moment.  I think we should wait until names get sorted out once 
and for all before setting something like this.

> wrong. But its a bit tricky to get right - while building the
> database its empty. I only know the count when I am finished.
> So I almost need to populate the database twice to get it right!
> I guess I could just leave it out.

I also found this :)  I just build the database without the self 
describing record then add one to the number of records in it.
But this is a kind of weird situation, I agree.  In theory as the record 
describes itself, you could argue that it can never be correct as the 
lastUpdate attribute will /always/ be wrong.

> <database numRecs="0">Zeerex</database> 

I think we're all agreed that the database name should stay 
IR-Explain---1, regardless of the name of the project.

> <indexInfo> 
> <index id="DatabaseName" search="true" scan="true" sort="true"> 
> <title>Database Name</title> 
> <map primary="true"> 
> <attr type="1">1</attr> 
> </map> 
> </index> 

You're specifying bib1 use of personal name to search for database name?

It'd be nice if you could support the attribute set, but this may not be 
possible I know.


(Off to work on my ZOOM presentation while my body readjusts to time 
zones. I'm /never/ awake at 6:30 am :P )

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