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FYI.  Will reply.

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My lack of facility with XML DTDs probably hampers my review of explain--.
Oh well. It *looks* general enough to handle the databases towards which
bib-2 is oriented.

My antennae went up at this statement in the DTD commentary:

> The attributeSet attribute

>The attributeSet attribute should contain the name of the attribute set
>to be used for the search, as defined in the Maintenance Agency's list
>at http://lcweb.loc.gov/z3950/agency/defns/oids.html#3. It defaults
>to BIB-1 if not set explicitly.

The name of *the* attribute set?  A given database might support bib-1,
bib-2, and cross-domain. And to fully support bib-2, the database would
have to support utility and cross-domain. So I'd say this statement needs

Another point: I may or may not be a grown-up, but I think it would be
useful and not too time-consuming to mention (in Searching Explain--
Databases) the functional qualifiers in the utility set that would be used
with the Record date/time access point. Unless you really really mean that
any search using that access point is supposed to find *only* the
modification date.

And a typo in Searching Explain-- Databases, under Cross-Domain Access
Point 3: it says "Searches for the date specified in the <author> element".
Maybe it meant to say "Searches for the name specified in the <author>

Sorry to hear you won't be at the ZIG meeting.

- -- Lennie
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